Apophyllite Geodes 


Apophyllite  are often found in the mines of India, Brazil, Italy, Greenland and Canada.

Apophyllite crystal has very high water content which make it very efficient conductor of energy. They are considered as a carrier of the Akashik Record and esoteric record of all that occurred in cosmic region. Apophyllite acts as a powerful vibrational transmitter. It creats a connection between physical and spiritual realms.

Benefits And Healing Properties Of Apophyllite

Mentally Apohyllite has a calming effect.

It is effective in reducing stress, mental blockages and negative thought patterns.It also eases the journey into past life.

Apophyllite is also said to connect you with your angels and guides, bringing you ever closer to the angelic realm. 

Reiki Healing:Apophyllite is useful in Reiki healing by stimulatiog the energies ,putting the subject into deeper state of relaxation and receptiveness.

Apophyllite works on the respiratory system and when held to the chest can stop asthma attacks and promotes the regeneration of mucus membranes and the skin.

Apophyllite can be placed on third eye to develop the intuitive powers in yourself.

Apophyllite is said to assist with increasing and enhancing psychic vision and clairvoyant abilities. Thus one of the chakras that it is associated with is the third eye chakra. The crown chakra is one of the other chakras said to be directly affected by apophyllite, being so close to the third eye it is no wonder that both of these similar energy centres can be assisted and cleared by this stone. 

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