Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a powerful mental healer balancing the right left hemispheres of the brain and transmuting negative thought patterns into positive ones.It balance the male female energy within the body.

Black Tourmaline is made up of Sodium Iron Aluminum Borate Silicate. This stone is black in color.Black Tourmaline means grounding and protection.


Jet Black Stone

Removes Negative Energies

Black Tourmaline is hugely powerful stone for those who want to wear a constant protection. Potent, inky black, and with strong grounding forces, this jet colored stone is known for being a swallower of negative energies. It effectively helps the wearer be absolved of dark feelings, turning these anxious vibrations into a positive spin that nurtures the soul.

Black Tourmaline is deeply connected with the root Chakra.It is a protective stone and keeps the wearer away from the negative vibrations.This stone is a combination of Iron and Manganese giving  the property of charging and the magnetic nature.

EMF Protection:

This is one of the major effects of Black Tourmaline.It is widely used for the EMF protection.It can be kept near the electrical and electronic Devices to absorb the harmful radiations.  Black Tourmaline can be the stone you need. Laptops, phones, TV – these all give off a smog that can cause chaos in those who are prone to EMF sensitivity. Fortunately, Black Tourmaline can stop EMF in its tracks, forming a protective barrier and soaking up the smog.

Helping circulation, reducing the negative imprint of lung problems, boosting metabolism, and effectively cutting down on muscle aches and pains. As a wonderful supporter of all organ systems and the immune system, you can expect Black Tourmaline to pick up the pace when it comes to swift and smooth healing.

As a Birth Stone:

Libra ,Scorpions and Capricorns

Home and Offices:

Take small pieces of Black Tourmaline and place at various corners of the house or the Office making a grid to protect the envoirnment from EMF. This protective grid will ensure that your home remains a sanctuary, protected against any detrimental energies that try to enter your space

How to Cleanse Black Tourmaline:

Wash it in running water or dip it in a bowl filled with water preferably the energized water.The exchange of negative vibrations with the energized  water molecule will clear the absorbed negative vibes of the stone.

Smudging it with Sage Leaves also removes the negative effects of the stone.

Early morning during Sunrise  reloads  the black tourmaline with Huge vibrations to wipe out the negative effects of the Office or Home.

Altogether to conclude Black Toumaline is a great protective stone.

It improves the Metabolism and supports in grounding the Excess energies through base chakra. A strong EMF protective Crystal.

Articles of Black Tourmaline:

Bracelets,Mala and Pendents are available to wear and protect the human body from EMF and the negative effects which are transmuted through mental vibrations and through sight.

Black Tourmaline is extremely beneficial for the plants.It can act as a natural insecticide,keeping pest at bay and if buried in the soil,encourages the growth and health of crops.

Specific colors of Tourmaline:

Black Tourmaline: It protects against cell phones,electromagnetic smog radiation,psychic attacks,ill wishing and all kind of negative energies.

Blue Tourmaline:

.It activates the throat and third eye chakra,stimulates the urge for spiritual freedom and clairity of self expression. Blue opens you to love of truth.It benefits the pulmonary and immune system balances the brain fluid.

Blue tourmaline has good effects on kidney and bladder,thymus and thyroid and chronic soar throat. It can be placed anywhere there is disease or congestion.Helps to overcome speech impediments.

Brown Tourmaline:

Also known for grounding and opening the earth chakra to grong the energy. Brown stone heals dysfunctional family relationships and strengths empathy.

Colorless Tourmaline:It synthesizes all other colors and opens the crown chakra.

Green Tourmaline:

An excellent crystal of healers.and is helpful in visualization. It promptly opens up the heart chakra and gives the feeling of sweet emotions and affection. It magnetizes the wearer to prosperity and abundance.It is also known as a plant healer.

Green Tourmaline treats eyes,heart,thymus and immune system.Green tourmaline is beneficial for hyperactive children.It reduces the claustrophobia and panic attacks.

Multicolored  Tourmaline:

It contains all colors and brings the mind,body,spirit and soul into a balance state.Its an excellent stone for promoting dreams,inspiring creativity and enhancing imagination. It is a gateway of inner self to higher spiritual realms.

Pink Toumaline:

Pink Tourmaline is an excellent aphrodisiac and attracts love in physical and spiritual world.It assist in sharing physical pleasure. It teaches you to love yourself and get love in turn from others.In healing  pink tourmaline balances a dysfunctional endocrine system and treats heart ,lungs and skin. Keep it on your heart chakra and see the difference in your emotions. Heal a subject who is heart broken in relationship with Pink Tourmaline and see the changes in her life.

Watermelon Tourmaline:

It treats emotional dysfunction and releases old pain.It is a super activater of the heart chakra.An excellent nerve healer and encourages regeneration of nerves specially in paralysis or multiple sclerosis and treats stress.

Black Tourmaline with Mica:

This combination is good to neutralize the electromagnetic smog.

Black Tourmaline rod in Quartz:

For neutralizing the psychic attacks this Tourmaline in combination with Quartz is of great importance.If the Quartz is smoky with Black Tourmaline its bound to give good result in psychic attacks.

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